We would like to congratulate our 2016 class of CAPS scholars. Check out their impressive final presentations.

Presentations- CAPS Researchers and Interns

CAPS Research & Internship Student Websites


Wendy Hao- Curious Creature

Amanda Kuo- Boston Children’s Theatre

Nathaniel Roldan - Boston Recruiting Center (Marines)

Gloria Singleton-Kahn- Drumlin Farm

Jacob  Gurvis- Newton TAB

Erin McLaughlin– Teaching


Ian Downie- Writing, editing and publishing stories

Samuel Eastman- Psychology of Music

Mary Solovyeva- Movie Adaptations

Natasha Yunen- The Rise of Zine Culture

Nicolas Montes- Patagonia Study

Matt Shifrin- One Man Musical

Maria de Camargo Gross- The Creative Process

Westly Joseph- Wind Power

Sarah Williams- Back Yard Faming

IRT Presentations: Initial Research Projects

Our 2015-2016 CAPS cohort have been accepted into the program. On Thursday, December 17, and Monday, December 21, we will be holding after school sessions in the library during X block for accepted CAPS students to both show us their initial CAPS Project website and present their 3-minute, 3-slide Initial Research Topic.

Thursday, December 17

1. Natasha Yunen

2. Nick Montes

3. Westly Joseph

4. Sam Eastman

5. Erin McLaughlin

6. Matt Shifrin

Monday, December 21

1. Mel Gross

2. Jacob Gurvis

3. Wendy Hao

4. Dean Lee

5. Nathaniel Roldan

6. Amanda Kuo

7. Gloria Singleton-Kahn

8. Mary Solovyeva

9. Ian Downie

10. Sarah Williams


CAPS Proposal Process

Now that you’ve registered for CAPS, you now have to fill out the online CAPS Proposal. The proposal will help you hash out your ideas for your research project or internship and it will allow us to decide  whether you are a good candidate for CAPS. The online proposal will be due Wednesday 25, 2015. If you have any questions about how to fill it out, see Mr. Finnegan, Mr. Gianquitti or any of the Librarians.

We encourage you to use the questions list we provided you earlier and type out your answers in advance on Microsoft Word to make sure they are accurate and awesome before you put them into the Google Form.

Optional X Block Proposal Meeting:

If you would like to come in to the LLC computer lab on Monday during X block, the CAPS team will be available to answer questions and show you an example or two from our past of a strong proposal, as well as a poor proposal so you can see the difference.